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DIY - How To Sponge Paint a Wall

 DIY - How To Sponge Paint a Wall

Do It Yourself - How to sponge paint a wall

Sponge painting is an easy way to spice up a room.  It doesn't take much time, it’s fun and an inexpensive method of redecorating.  If you don't like the end result, you can always repaint it plain again.

The best sponge to use for sponge painting is probably a sea sponge.  Sea sponges are all different and you can experiment with each one to get the desired result.  Get some cardboard or paper plates and try different sponges to see which effects you like best.

Use a sponge to add a color or two or use it on wet paint to remove some of the color.  If you want a blend, smooth look for your wall, use colors that are close in shade and hue.  If you want a bold, contrast look, use colors of different shades and hues.  I would recommend experimenting first on a piece of cardboard to see which outcome you like best.  This could be a fun and creative thing to do.  Also, for a mellow interesting look, use different finishes of paint, like flat with semi-gloss.  The flat-glossy contrast can be very interesting in itself.

What you will need:

- Paint.  You can purchase sample paints as well to experiment and see if you like the results. 

- Stir stick for paint

- Paint tray

- Drop cloth

- Painter's tape

- Brush and roller for base coat

- a couple of sea sponges or just kitchen sponges

- Pieces of cardboard or paper plates for experimentation

Begin with putting a base coat on your wall.  Put drop cloths on the floor, use painter's masking tape to tape off the ceiling line, electric outlets and any other fixtures.  Mix the paint with the stir stick.  Put some paint in the paint tray.  With a brush make a ceiling line and go around all the outlets and fixtures.  Take a roller and roll on the base coat.  Let the paint dry.

Now you are ready for sponging.  Spill some of your secondary color paint into another tray.  Take the cardboard or paper plates and wet the sponge a little with water.  Make some patterns with the sponge on cardboard to see which effects you like best.

Once you pick out the effect that you like best, try it on the wall.  Make sure not to press too hard with the sponge or you will cover your base coat.  Once you get the hang of the technique you are using, it should go fast.  Sponging is a great way to redecorate fast and get creative, personalized results.

If you have tried sponging and just can't get the result you want, call us here at Amazing Home Decorating and we will do the painting and sponging for you.

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