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How To Use a Paint Brush

 How To Use a Paint Brush


Having quality materials are the key to a successful paint job.  Excellent paint and brush will make painting go easy, fast and provide you with the best results.

Some of the quality paint brands that you might consider are Benjamin Moore, Behr and Sherwin Williams.  These paints are great for any painting job, they offer lots of finishes, lay down on walls well and will help you achieve the look that you are going for.  One of the best paint brush brands is Purdy.  They have brushes for any paint you choose and they always deliver great results.  The rule of thumb here is: the more expensive the brush, the better its quality.

Start your paint job by pouring the paint into a small paint tray especially for brushes.  Fill up about half of the tray.  Working with a paint tray will make it easier to load up the brush.

If you are not good at 'cutting in with a brush' or making a straight line with a brush, use painter's masking tape.  Tape off ceiling lines, floor lines, trims and outlets.  Make sure to press down on the tape firmly to avoid having the paint bleed out.

Select the right brush.  There are different brushes for oil-based and water-based paints.  Buy a brush to match the paint that you chose.  Dip the brush in paint about 2 inches into the paint tray with paint.  More than 2 inches of paint on the brush can result in dripping and spattering of paint.  After the brush has been dipped in paint, pat it's both sides against the paint tray a couple of times. 

Start making long strokes with the brush on the surface at the tape line.  Try not to start at the corners, because you want to test the brush first and this way you will not end up with a glob of paint in the corner.  Glide the brush against the wall, don't force it onto the wall.  You can go in one direction or side to side with the brush.  Do this a few times to make sure that the paint is evenly distributed on the wall.

If the new paint does not cover the old, do a second coat after the first one dries.  Do not apply too much paint to one spot, because the paint will leak. 

Once an area has paint evenly distributed on it, reload the brush.  Do not dab the paint on, because this will leave marks when paint dries.  The only way to get a smooth finish with the brush is to let it glide the paint on.  If you feel like the area you just painted needs more paint, put more paint on it with a brush within two minutes of the first application.  If you wait too long to apply more paint, you can ruin the paint job.  The first coat will start to dry and brushing half dry paint will make it bulge up.

If you are painting with a brush without painter's masking tape, steady your arm first.  Your body should not be moving, just your arm.  Put the brush against the surface a little away from the actual edge at a 45 degree angle.  Let the bristles glide onto the edge in a long stroke.  If your line looks uneven in some places, correct it by loading more paint onto the brush and evening out those lines by going over them again, this time a little more in. 

Control the brush with the amount of pressure you apply to it.  Let it glide to make the line.  Put more pressure to correct uneven line.

When you are done working with the brush, wash it.  Water-based paints can be washed out with water.  Oil-based paints can be washed out with paint thinner.  You can use a metal bristle brush to clean out your paint brush.  Just stroke the metal brush down the paint brush to get all the dried paint particles out.

If you are waiting for the first coat to dry, wrap your brush in plastic bag to make sure it will not dry out.  Paint brush with dried out paint in it is useless.   

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