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How to Paint Stripes on aWall

 How to Paint Stripes on aWall

If you've decided to repaint a room, but tired of that solid, boring look - paint in stripes.  You can paint even stripes, stripes of different widths, two color stripes, multi-color stripes,  or a striped pattern.  Possibilities are endless.  Below are step by step instructions for painting stripes.

1.  Paint the wall a solid, base color first.  Your stripes will be painted on top of this base color.  Click here for step by step instructions on how to paint a room.  Let the paint dry.

2.  Think about what kind of stripes you would like for the room.  Thin or thick? Even in width or different widths?  Two color or multi color? Vertical or horizontal?  This is a matter of personal choice, but there are some helpful tips.  Thin stripes can make a room seem too busy, maybe this option is better suited for kids' rooms or for large spaces. 

Vertical stripes will make the room look taller and will visually raise the ceiling.  If you are going to do horizontal stripes, it's best to do either wide stripes or just a few of them.  Horizontal stripes tend to look too busy, but they visually widen the space up. 

The easiest way to choose the colors of the stripes is to match them to your furniture or decorating accessories.  For example, if you have decorative pillows that have a lot of green in them, maybe one of the colors for the stripes can be a shade of green.

3. Once you have decided on the direction and the size of the stripes, it's time to measure.  If you are striping only the accent wall, start measuring stripes from the middle of the wall.  If you are striping the whole room, start measuring in the most noticeable spot.  This way if you run out of space and the last tripe ends up being slightly smaller than the rest, that stripe will end up being in the most unnoticeable spot of the room.

Take a pencil, measuring tape and a level.  If you are doing horizontal stripes, start measuring from the floor up; if you are doing vertical stripes, start measuring from the most noticeable wall out.  Get someone to help you hold the level as you mark the measurements with the pencil.  After you have marked the measurement points with a pencil, use the level or a long ruler to draw lines between the points.

4.  Now it's time to tape off the stripes.  For this purpose I would use 2" painter's masking tape that is usually blue or green.  Tape along the pencil lines outside of the future stripes.  Press the tape down firmly to make sure it is stuck to the surface well.  If the tape is not glued down well, you are bound to have paint leaks and smears.  This step is very important for creating successful stripes.  After you have taped off all the stripes, take a second look at the wall to make sure that your tape job looks good and that the stripes visually make sense.

5.  Take a 2.5" angle brush and paint along the taped edges of the stripes.  Then take a roller (use a standard 9" roller for large stripes or a small trim roller for smaller stripes) and roll the paint on, at the center of the stripes.  If your stripes are thinner than 3", you can use smaller brushes to paint them in. 

For the best effect, paint the stripes with two coats of plaint.  Let the first coat completely dry before applying the second one.  Let the second coat dry before removing the masking tape.

6. Once the paint is dry, remove the masking tape.  Do not remove the tape too fast, because this might pull some of the paint from the stripes off.  If you have spots where the paint from the stripes bled out to the base color of the wall, use a small brush to paint in those sections with base color. 

If you need help painting stripes on your wall, please contact us here at Amazing Home Decorating.  We are always here to assist you in your decorating project.

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