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Bathroom Decorating Basics

The basic decorating ideas for your bathroom - colors, tub, shelving and accessories.

An Organized Bathroom for Peaceful Morning, Noon and Night

Clean up your bathroom by installing different kinds of shelves, hanging hooks or boxing your bathroom necessities

Planning Out The Bathroom Step By Step

What are the best ways to fit or make room for your furniture and accessories in the bathroom?  Find out what kind of bathroom layout will work for you.

Bathing With Style

Follow these tips for small changes to update your bathroom instantly, and big changes to turn this room into luxurious spa.

A Bathroom Inspired By Nature

For a quiet, simple bathroom that is literally down to earth, bring in the elements of nature.

Storage In The Bathroom

Organization is the key to keeping your bathroom comfortable to use.  You have to be able to find everything easily.  For this purpose, you can find anything from modern decorative boxes to vintage cabinets.

Choosing Your Bathroom Surfaces

There are two main choices to consider when picking out your bathroom surfaces - tiles and glass blocks.  Tiles have been used for years and are popular with home designers.  Glass block is a new and beautiful solution for your bathroom decor.

Going From Trash to Beauty

Rejuvenate your trash container in the bathroom using this quick and simple project.

Tropical Beach Inspired Bathroom

If you went on a tropical vacation and want to bring a part of it home, decorate your bathroom using beach theme.

Different Kinds Of Bathroom Fixtures

The bathroom is probably the smallest room in your house, but regardless of its size the bathroom needs lots of fixtures and fittings.  Some of these fittings are bath tub, toilet, shower and vanity. 

Transformation Of a Bathroom Through Color

Redecorate your bathroom to reflect your personality and taste by using color as your tool.

Country Style Bathroom

Turn your bathroom into a country style getaway.

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