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Fun Up Your Bedroom

Textures and prints can make your bedroom look fresh and fun.  Here are some ideas.

Bedroom Decorating Basics

The bedroom is a room where you rest and relax.  The right choice of color, lighting and accessories can help you achieve that.  You can use some basic ideas from this review.

How To Arrange The Furniture In The Bedroom

Customize your bedroom by choosing the placement of the bed, storage and extra furniture to suit your needs.

Pick Your Bedding Comfort Level

When shopping for bedding, consider how soft or firm you want your sheets, duvets, comforters and pillows to be.

How To Add Color To A White Bedroom

Change your bedroom from boring white to a pretty mixture of colors with these tips.

Planning Out The Bedroom

Plan out your bedroom layout so that it is comfortable, has easy access to all furniture and suits all your needs.

Decorating A Bedroom With Mirrors

Mirrors are very elegant and add space to the room.  They can be used not just to look at oneself, but for decorating and beautifying your home.  The bedroom is the perfect place for a mirror. 

How To Pick Out Pillows For The Bedroom

Read here about different types of pillows to select the perfect one for your bedroom.

How To Decorate a Tabletop In The Bedroom

Every bedroom must have some kind of a surface to put lamps, pictures, books and other bedtime necessities.  Decorate your table so that the whole section of the bedroom where the table stands becomes a special, unique space.

Different Types Of Bed Sheets For The Bedroom

Bed sheets are separated into two kinds: flat and fitted.  They also come in many materials, like satin, cotton or flannel.  Take a look at all these different types of sheets to select the right ones for your bedroom.

How To Make a Bedroom More Romantic

Here are some suggestions of what you can add to your bedroom to make it more romantic.  A romantic bedroom can mean a relaxing room to one person and more romance to another person.  Pick out all the things from our suggestions to achieve your goal for the bedroom.

All About Platform Beds

Read here about pros and cons of platform beds to save space in your home.

How To Select A Mattress

Here is a list of things to consider before buying a new mattress. 

How To Redecorate Your Bedroom On a Budget

Apply these simple decorating tips to improve your home on a budget.

What You Need In A Guest Bedroom

Make your guests comfortable in a bedroom with all the necessary furniture, accessories and decorations.

Expanding Bedroom Space

If your bedroom is not spacious, you can visually trick the eye to see it as bigger.  Here are some of the ways to do this:

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