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Decorating Basics/Draperies

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How To Treat And Care For Specialty Curtains

If you have decided to buy ordinary curtains and decorate them on your own, here are a few tips on how to pick them out and care for the curtains.

Decorating Windows

Windows without treatments can look angular and unattractive.  Decorate your windows to make the space look bigger and cozier.

Adding Details To The Curtains

Curtains can look beautiful on their own, but adding decorating details will make them special.  Here is how:

Decorating Tips - Choosing Curtains

Here you can find out how to choose the right style of curtains for every room in your house.  The right curtains can help you control the amount of light you get, get rid of a draft coming from the window and turn your room into a one of a kind designer space.

Different Kinds Of Layering For Draperies

When considering extra decorating elements, do not overlook the window.  Windows are considered to be the soul of the room.  Dressing your windows can make all the difference when decorating your house.  It is an easy way to add comfort, privacy, color, pattern and harmony to any room.

How To Pick Out Hardware For Curtains

Learn here about where to start shopping for curtains hardware, what kind of hardware and accessories are available and what kind of items you can purchase to fit your decor.

Different Types Of Blinds - Part 1

There are many kinds of blinds that you can purchase.  Read here about their differences to help you choose the right type of blinds for your house.

Different Types Of Blinds - Part 2

Different Types Of Blinds - Part 2

Different Types Of Blinds - Part 3

Different Types Of Blinds - Part 3

Window Curtains On A Budget

Here are a few tips on how to decorate your windows on a budget. 

Dictionary Of Fabrics For Curtains And Other Decor Elements

Learn here about different types of fabrics that you can use for your curtains.  If you heard of some great fabric, but never knew what it looks like or what it’s made out of, here is a list of materials that can help you.

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