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Decorating In Art Nouveau Style

Read here about the origin of the Art Nouveau style and how you can turn your home into this style's replica.

Decorating In Contemporary Style

Contemporary decorating style includes in itself Bauhaus, Art Deco and Art Nouveau from the early 1900's.  Unlike styles that are more antique in nature, Contemporary decor uses modern materials, like metal and plastic

Decorating In Country Style

The Country Style is simple and practical.  It makes a home look comfortable.  This style came from the values of simple country life and it's popularity have grown because it's not hectic and cramped with technology.

Decorating In Victorian Style

The best word to describe the Victorian era is excess.  It's style is cluttered, dark and embellished, with simple forms and open spaces.  This romantic, bold style became appreciated only after the urban renewal where whole streets of Victorian homes were leveled to the ground

Decorating In Traditional Style

Traditional Style decorating is influenced by the 18th and 19th centuries.  Art Deco, Greek, Gothic and Rococo styles are the foundation for this style's elegant elements.  It combines the blend of popular trends and toned-down decorative, timeless decor.

Decorating In Colonial Style

Colonial Style decorating offers an 18th century look with simplicity, sense of proportion and serenity of the decor.  It's about calamity and order. 

Decorating In Arts And Crafts Style

Arts and Crafts Style is a complete opposite of the Victorian Style.  The designers who started it are known as Craftsmen.  They wanted a style that's simple with the use of natural elements.

Decorating In Southwestern Style

Southwestern Style originated from the Spanish and Native American influences.  One of it's key features are the thick adobe walls...

Decorating In Asian Inspired Theme

Bring an Asian inspired theme into every part of the room, like furniture, walls, window treatments, floor, lighting and accessories.

Decorating In Art Deco Style

Art Deco style was developed in France in the beginning of the 20th century and spread throughout the world after the war.  Art Deco movement removed all the classical decor elements, replacing them with geometric shapes, modern materials and methods of decorating.

Decorating In Cottage Style

Cottage style decorating is simple and relaxing.  It is also known as "shabby chic".  Plenty of free space is the key to creating this style. 

Decorating In Gothic Style

Gothic style is not as popular as some other styles, like Victorian, but it’s very ornate and decorated.

Decorating In Rustic Style

Rustic style decorating will remind you of ski resorts and log cabins.  It’s very in touch with nature and has a sense of village life.

Decorating In Western Style

Western style decorating is about living on a ranch, cowboy and nature.  This style of decorating is all about natural materials. 

Decorating In Bauhaus Style

The Bauhaus style started out as a school for architecture.  This style favored all simple things with function.  The Bauhaus style offered great classical shapes of things without extra decoration - a highly functional, clean way of living.

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