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Living Room

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Paint Or Wallpaper For Your Living Room?

So you have chosen the colors that you want for your living room, but which would be a better choice - to paint or to wallpaper?  Here are some tips for using both.

Classical Style Living Room

Enrich your living room with comfortable, functional and festive classical style.

Living Room Cabinets And Storage

Besides the couch and armchairs in the design of a living room, shelves and cabinets play an important role.  They give you storage space and infinite decorating possibilities.

Planning Your Living Room Space

One of the most important things to consider when designing your living room is planning out the space.  How can you visually split up your room?  Do you have enough of a walkway space?  Is your home theater arranged in a way that's comfortable for you to enjoy?  Find answers to these questions here.

Lighting In The Living Room

The lighting in the living room has to be multi-leveled and functional.  Besides this, the lighting has to highlight separate areas in the living room...

How To Pick Out Your Soft Furniture

In the living room the couch and armchairs play a key role.  The comfort of the whole room depends on them.  Soft furniture has to be durable, relaxing and requires special care...

Fabric Combinations For A Living Room

Textile has a respectable place in interior decorating.  Fabrics are nice to the touch and easy to maintain.  Also, they can be combined in so many ways.  Mixing fabrics can give a living room an original, finished look.

Choosing The Right Color For Your Living Room Walls

The walls are the frame of the living room that mark the background and the atmosphere of the room.  The most essential element here is color.  Find out how to pick out color and create combinations that will refresh your living room and give it elegance and charm.

Refreshing a Small Living Room

How do you make a small living room appear larger?  Here are some tips that will help you choose colors, curtains and accessories and be as unique as you want.

Textiles In The Living Room

Such a decorative element as textile is widely used in the living room.  There are millions of colors, textures and prints to choose from, but the trick is to combine the fabrics in a tasteful way.  Discover some of the techniques here.

Choosing The Floor For Your Living Room

The floor in the living room has to be warm, stable and easy to care for, but you also have to consider personal taste and preference.  It could be wooden, tiled from all sorts of materials or carpeted.  Here is some suggestions about all of these choices to help you pick the one that would suite your needs.

Complimentary Living Room Furniture

Complimentary living room furniture such as coffee tables, decorative tables or fireplaces decorate the interior and give your room a finished look.  Read here about the options that you have and how to position these furnishings so that your living room looks original.

Decorating a Living Room On a Budget

Living room is usually the biggest room of the house and the most expensive to decorate.  But it doesn't have to be!  Follow these tips to save money on your living room decorating.

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