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Color Consultation

 Color Consultation

Color can influence how you feel about your home.  But how do you choose the right colors for your space? Let us help you select the colors for your space that you'll like and make your house a home you'll love.

There are a few questions that we try to answer when it comes to choosing colors:

- How do you want to feel when entering this particular room?  - What is the space used for?

- What mood and atmosphere are we trying to create? For example, for the bedroom you might want to create an atmosphere of peace, relaxation and serenity.  Every room in the house deserves a different approach when it comes to color.  It has to suit your personal preferences for that space.

- How will these colors harmonize with the furniture and accessories? If you already have a certain decorating style in your home and the furniture to match that style, the color choices also have to match the decorating style.

- How will your lighting influence your color choice?  Some lighting will make the colors lighter, while other can make the room feel too bright.

- How can you find the right color combinations for walls, accent walls and trims, so that they match your personality, your unique style and at the same time look melodious with all your furnishings?

- What are some good color options for kids' rooms?

Most home improvement stores will offer you a couple of thousands of colors per paint brand.  So how do you choose the best one for you? You can choose to hire a color and interior design professional from our company or we can simply suggest best colors and color combinations for you based on the questions above.

We consider all the details in your home, your personal taste, how you would want to feel in the room.  We will answer all of your questions and actively discuss your desired results.  Your home is about you and feeling great about where you live.  Let Amazing Home Decorating transform your home.

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