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Decorative Painting

 Decorative Painting

Decorative painting can consist of different paint techniques, like stenciling, glazing, and marbling among others.  It can be used on many surfaces, like walls, ceilings, furniture or decorating accessories.

Stencils are usually used for walls or borders on walls and furniture to add a special pattern.  There are many styles that can be stenciled on to any surface.  You can choose a stencil that matches your particular decorating style, like Country or Victorian.  It can be as simple as a one color daisy or as complex as a painted decorative flower.  Stencils can be used to add one simple element or a border to the surface, or to make a whole decorative pattern.  Stencils made to order are usually plastic.

Glazing is another great finish to use for your home.  It's translucent and you need a founding coat first, before you apply the glaze.  There are many effects that you can achieve with glaze by applying it with a brush or a sponge. 

Marbling is the effect where the paint is applied to the surface to imitate real stone.  There are different ways to achieve this effect, some by applying the paint with a bag, then painting the details of the marble in with a brush.

Wood graining is a similar effect to marbling.  It imitates different kinds of woods.  Even if you have a table that is metal, you can decorate it by giving it a wood graining effect.  Wood graining is usually used on furniture and decorating accessories.


Mural is another example of decorative painting.  It gives you a lot of options.  Tired of that boring wall?  Let’s paint a sunrise by the lake picture on the wall.  Mural can be anything that is painted directly onto the wall or ceiling, like scenery, picture or separate objects.  We have masters who can depict any scenario and sketch it out for you and make your wall or ceiling a personalized masterpiece.  Just contact us by phone or email.

Decorative plaster is used to ornate ceilings, walls, fireplaces and archways.  It has a 3D effect and is dimensional.  Plaster can be worked into many shapes and forms.  This is a perfect way to decorate your space into a particular historical period.  Decorative plaster can be painted over with glaze or paint to add to the desired look.

Gold and silver effects can be added to any decorative painting technique to give the room or the object a little glow.  You can stencil gold or silver motifs on walls to make it look like wallpaper, or add a line of the shiny paint to the crown of the ceiling.  Just a bit of gold or silver paint can spice up an otherwise boring room or furnishings.

If you want to have the help of our professional decorative painting team, please call or email us.  We are here to help you bring your creative ideas to life.

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