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Skim Coating

 Skim Coating

Skim Coating is a process that ultimately gives you a beautiful flat wall or ceiling.  It is done through application of drywall compound to a damaged or rough surface.  You can repair surfaces this way or just get the perfect flat wall look. 

Skim Coating is a perfect technique to:

- Create flat, perfect surfaces, like walls or ceilings

- Cover existing texture. Tired of that old textured plaster look? Skim coating will cover any texture and make your walls smooth and flat.  This technique is also great for hiding old paint finishes, old paint marks, lines, stripes, imperfections in the walls, and wall applications.

- Repair a wall after removing wallpaper.  Very often you will see some wall damage or imperfections after removing wallpaper. Skim coating can cover left over wallpaper glue when the removal of wallpaper is too complex.

- Even out new sheetrock.  This will smooth out tape lines and give the perfect new wall finish.

- Skim coating over walls with cracked or peeling paint will result in a brand new wall.

The process of skim coating involves the application of compound to the wall.  After the first application, the excess compound is skimmed off, and the wall is given time to dry.  For most of simple skim coating jobs, after the first layer is applied, the work will continue the next day.  When the first application is dry and sanded, a second, very thin layer is often applied. This layer of compound is given time to dry and is sanded slightly.  Now your walls and ceilings are ready to be painted, wallpapered and decorated.

At Amazing Home Decorating, we have a team of skim coat specialists with a minimum of a decade of experience in this field.  Our professionals will make your walls look brand new to the level of your desired perfection. We will go over the process, what is involved, explain how we will prepare the room for skim coating, so that all the furniture, fixtures and floors will stay clean and dust-free. We will help you make a decision that is right for our needs and budget.

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