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Wall Repairs

 Wall Repairs


Amazing Home Decorating can offer you a variety of services for any wall and ceiling repair needs.  Whether you have just a couple of small cracks, or a big hole in the wall, we will fix it.  Let our team of wall repair professionals give you options for the repairs, walk you through the process of surface restoration, and work with your budget to accommodate you.

Wall damage can be mostly seen in the form of cracks, damaged corners, missing pieces or holes.  These imperfections can be caused by many different factors, such as the settling of an old building, wallpaper removal, moving of furniture and many more.  If you have kids or pets in the house, it’s more likely than not that you might need wall damage repair.  Let the kids freely play and happily run around, the pets jump up and down with excitement wall to wall, and let Amazing Home Decorating repair surface damage that just happens in daily life.

A procedure for repairing a small crack or hole consists of:

- Cleaning the damaged surface by carving away anything that is protruding to and around the surface

- Using a bonding agent on the surface

- Using mesh joint tape on the damaged area to prevent it from cracking further

- Covering the damaged area with joint compound

- Sanding the first layer of compound and reapplying it thinly to get the perfect flat surface

- Prime and paint

Let us do all the work so that all you are left to do is admire your beautiful home.

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