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Wallpaper removal

 Wallpaper removal

Wallpaper removal can be a tricky task.  Sometimes the paper will come off, but the glue will remain on the wall.  There are also cases when ripping out the old wallpaper can damage the wall itself and pull the drywall and old paint out with it.  The right procedure can help in the process of wallpaper removal fast and easy.

To properly prepare wallpaper for removal, use all or a combination of the suggestions below.  Try not to rip out the paper without first applying something to the wallpaper.  That might result in damaged walls and long hours of getting the glue off the walls afterwards.  These are some options to consider before starting the job:

1. The wallpaper has to be soaked with something prior to removal.  Spray hot water evenly all over the wallpaper.  This will help get the glue out

2. Try spraying the wallpaper with wallpaper removal chemical.  You can buy it in any home improvement store.  To make the job faster, use wallpaper perforators to make small holes in the wallpaper so that the chemical can be absorbed better.  You can also use rough sandpaper.

3. There are wallpaper steamers that can be bought or rented from a home improvement store.  Steam is a great way to loosen the glue on the wallpaper backing.

Try to get the wallpaper as wet as possible.  If the old wallpaper that you are trying to remove was installed improperly, the walls might get damaged during removal and will need repairs.  A light skimcoat will do the job most of the times, some sanding and priming of the wall.

If your wallpaper still won't come off after above suggestions, call us at Amazing Home Decorating.  Our skilled crew has experience and all the tools for wallpaper removal.  We can remove wallpaper, get your walls looking like new and paint them.  Get the look you love without the time-consuming mess.

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